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School Design” is a leading International provider of products and services that enhance children’s learning K-12. A leader in the field of school supplies, we introduce innovative curriculum, cutting edge assessments, teacher resource materials and valuable professional development opportunities to K-12 school administrators, educators, and parents around the MENA region.

Our team of experienced educators and renowned consultants provides quality training on today's most important educational topics.


Our task mainly focuses on providing design solutions to schools, creating a secure and healthy atmosphere, supplying curriculum that would enhance the school system. We are also keen on building communities, training teachers, improving or strengthening the academic standard of students, providing effective implementation of the programs and last but not least, providing the professional development and improving the skills of the participants to implement our work

Our Aims

  • To design a healthy and safe school environment and to provide an eco-friendly range of products.

  • To introduce the best and latest products to help achieving your schools aspirations.