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"Where School Needs are Our Prime Concern"


School Project

If your project starts from scratch, we can design one that fits your requirements starting with the school. We are specialized in school projects design services including: the whole school project, individual classes, office, library, laboratory, theater, jungle gym, Children Park, Indoors or outdoor play ground plan, and more. In short, we can handle any project design needs you may have; just let us know what you’re looking for.

  • Construction and structure project
  • School conception and individual school project: (classes, office, library, laboratory, theater, jungle gym, Children Park, Indoors or outdoor play ground plan and other)


School equipment’s

We provide a wide range of equipment’s including: Games and Furniture items.

  • Games: We offer a wide range of Indoor-outdoor games that fit all ages, we also offer educational games; that help the growing kids in their studies and enhance their learning power in an interesting way.
  • Furniture: School design also provides high-quality furniture to schools, with anti-toxic paint that are not harmful to the student’s’ health, and would guarantee them utter safety. The furniture designs are also creative, freshening and school friendly.


School Security

Security in schools is a must for the protection of students and staff and for creating a “peace of mind” for school administrators, boards, principals, to help them get control of school safety as well as reducing the safety risk and liability. Our school security service department is responsible for protecting and serving the school community. Our school security guidelines include:

  • Intellectual security: (Time and attendance / RFID Technology / Alarm system / Telephonic communication system)
  • Physical security: (Camera system / Access control system / Intruder alarm system / RFID technology)
  • Body security: (Metal detector for knives or any sharp objects / Metal detector for weapon / Explosive detector)



  • Curriculum Books: School Design is a leading international provider of products and services that enhance children's learning K-12. A leader in the field of school supplies, we bring to the market innovative curriculums, cutting edge assessments, teacher resource materials and valuable professional development opportunities to K-12 school administrators, educators, and parents around the MENA region.

o English

o French

o Computer skills

o Social studies

o Math

o Arabic

o Science

o Art

o Library

o Magazine

  • Curriculum Design: School Design has developed a range of professional learning activities that are based on current inquiry-based research findings and subsequent implications for student learning. All workshops are highly interactive, delivered by a team of professional and experienced consultants, and provide participants with a range of highly practical activities that can be implemented in any classroom to genuinely enhance the learning experiences for students. We offer a range of professional learning activities/in-service trainings that are suitable for teachers, teacher assistants, school administrators, students and/or parents.


Integrated Technology

We offer your schools a range of integrated technology solution that helps schools teams achieve their business and their educational goals. Our comprehensive integrated technology collection of products and services includes;

  • Educational Products
  • Software
  • Equipment (IPAD / E Beam system)


Environmental Technology

Healthy Schools play an important role in helping children and young people reach their full potential and thus in shaping their future. Therefore our “School Design” organization provides the latest products and services to improve the environment where physical activity and health management are accessible and recommended. Healthy schools environments increase safety and insure security to our generation throughout the activity of a school day. Healthy students are better able to concentrate on their performance, attend school on a regular basis and perform better This atmosphere gives the students confidence at all times whether in classrooms or in the playground.

  • Water Treatments
  • Solar System
  • Health Awareness


Design and Print services

School Design focuses on providing schools with creative and effective design solutions that will contribute to their professional success. We have the ability to understand our client’s different needs. Whether you require a project for schools or personal use we can develop a unique design that fits your requirements.

At "School Design"; your satisfaction is our top priority. Just let us know what you are looking for and talented teamwork on your project.

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Print Service




We offer your school a range of stationary products designed to meet your different requirements. Our clients can benefit from our wide range of stationary, That includes school bags, books, stickers, staplers, paper cutters, pencils, pens, erasers, scales, notepads, registers, copies, desk accessories, geometry sets, crayons, plastic wallets, folders and also diaries, calendars, yearbooks etc.



School Uniform

Most schools are now requiring their students to wear uniforms that place all students on the same level. School uniform can help promote a more equal environment among students and improve their academic performance by eliminating unnecessary distractions over attire; this is why school uniform has also become one of our concerns.




“School Design” offers schools a range of high quality outdoor activities services full of enjoyment and exciting discovery times with remarkable safety coverage.





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