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Healthy Schools play an important role in helping children and young people reach their full potential and thus in shaping their future. Therefore our “School Design” organization provides the latest products and services to improve the environment where physical activity and health management are accessible and recommended. Healthy schools environments increase safety and insure security to our generation throughout the activity of a school day. Healthy students are better able to concentrate on their performance, attend school on a regular basis and perform better This atmosphere gives the students confidence at all times whether in classrooms or in the playground.

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Drinking treated water is one of the most important healthy factors to our student's physical activities and healthy life before, during, and after school.

Schools use a tremendous amount of water everyday, and require water for their restrooms, drinking water faucets, cafeteria, laboratories, and outdoor playing fields and lawns. Each student requires water on hourly bases for drinking washing and cleaning.

Unsafe water cause 80% of viruses skin diseases causes unstable health for many people on earth. If it is not properly treated, water can carry Harmful bacteria and should be removed to make water safe to our environment and beloved ones.

Schools are responsible for providing safe drinking and domestic water to their students, staff and visitors. Supporting your school with “Treatment water” gives your school a value to increase the opportunities for students to be safe and healthy.




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Now days saving is the trend of every business and school is based on profit on loss for continuity and enhancing system at school, insuring heated water at school continuously available constantly is necessary factor to our students for washing cleaning and showering is intensively required. School can save up to 85% electricity using energy saving heating solar system improving the yearly budget program.

Health Awareness PDF Print E-mail

IridoLabTM is a breakthrough, the first and only one of its kind, fully automated and noninvasive, iris-based Biometric Health Evaluation* System.

It incorporates the latest scientific advances and biometric analyses techniques to produce a health evaluation of all major anatomical systems and organs and the body’s constitution in general within minutes.

IridoLabTM is designed for healthcare professionals*, practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Nutritionists, and other professionals working in wellness related industries.

It is also ideal for retail establishments specializing in nutritional supplements and other wellness related products and services that cater to health conscious consumers.