Health Awareness Print

IridoLabTM is a breakthrough, the first and only one of its kind, fully automated and noninvasive, iris-based Biometric Health Evaluation* System.

It incorporates the latest scientific advances and biometric analyses techniques to produce a health evaluation of all major anatomical systems and organs and the body’s constitution in general within minutes.

IridoLabTM is designed for healthcare professionals*, practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Nutritionists, and other professionals working in wellness related industries.

It is also ideal for retail establishments specializing in nutritional supplements and other wellness related products and services that cater to health conscious consumers.



IridoLabTM advantages:

  • You get an automated assistant that helps your customers buy the appropriate products based on their health.
  • Your customers get valuable information that helps them make purchase decision.
  • You will be raising health awareness among your customers and contributing to their wellbeing.
  • You will attract new customers and increase store traffic You will stand out among your competitors. You will grow your business while providing a new and valuable service to
  • Your customer’s new customers will be able to find you through our web site.


The following configurations are all Self-Service and incorporate easy-to-use touch-screen technology that operate without a traditional computer keyboard or a mouse.

  • IridoLabTM K1.1: Kiosk configuration designed for placement in establishments that retail vitamins, supplements, and other products or services targeted to health conscious consumers.
  • IridoLabTM C 1.0: Countertop configuration designed for healthcare professionals*, practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and Nutritionists.
  • IridoLabTM P1.0: Portable configuration designed for personal use.


IridoLabTM Health Evaluation Report Benefits:

  • Consumers can quickly receive their personalized health evaluation of every major anatomical system.
  • The evaluation shows the degree of deviation from statistical norms for a given consumer and helps consumers make informed purchase decisions.
  • The report correlates products offered in your establishment with particular areas of concern identified on the evaluation report.
  • Nutritional Product selection is simplified.



The Evaluation Report is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Only a licensed physician can provide a true diagnosis, determine whether or not treatment is required and/or prescribe any medication for you.